Getting Started

Updated 24/07/2023 for Unity Plugin version v2.5.1.


Installing the Unity Plugin

Alternatively, the following video shows explains all the steps combined:

Setting up your (XR) Hand Tracking

Because the Nova Glove does not have internal positional tracking, you’ll need to import your preferred (XR) Plugin. Essentially, if you can move a GameObject with your chosen tracker / controller, you can link it to the SenseGlove hands.

Check out our guide on wrist tracking.

Setting up Calibration

Your Nova glove needs to be calibrated to your user’s hand. If you’re running on Desktop; SenseCom will handle calibration for you. However, when you want to make a standalone build, especially for Android, you should check out our guide on Calibration.

That’s it!

Go over to Learning Exercises for some guides on how to start developing with the SenseGlove Unity Plugin. Alternatively, you can check our our Unity Example Project on GitHub.