Unreal Plugin Overview

As of December 4th, 2022, the SenseGlove Unreal Plugin has been rebuilt from the ground up to better confrom to both Unreal and C++ standards. It is now live on the Unreal Asset Store!


This page was last updated for Unreal Plugin v1.4.1, on 01/06/2023.

The current release features a bare-bones Unreal Wrapper of the SenseGlove C++ API. More functionality will be added to the plugin over time, along with guides on this website.

Plugin Features

  • Full wrapper around the SenseGlove C++ API, with coordinates converted into Unreal Engine’s system.

  • Support for Blueprints and C++ coding.

  • Retrieve Hand tracking data from SenseGlove devices and visualize this as a series of points.

  • Send Force-Feedback and Vibration commands to SenseGlove devices to a desired level.

  • “Standalone Mode” (without SenseCom) using the SGConnect::Init() and SGConnect::Dispose() function.

  • Android compatibility for Standalone Headsets (Quest 2) - includes a built-in calibration.

  • Animating Unreal (Hand) Meshes using SenseGlove devices.

  • Grab-Release system that exposes delegates that you can hook into.

  • Force-Feedback System that allows one to apply force properties to meshes, and a way to detect which fingers to activate.

  • A basic VR Example project (found here).


Like all SenseGlove software, the Unreal Plugin communicates through devices using the SenseCom software.

Planned Features

Features that are in the works, but are currently under heavy development. They will be released when they are ready, which is dependent on internal prorities and workload. If you have a time-sensitive project, we recommend you implement such features yourself, or take a look at our Unity Plugin instead.

  • Correct controller offsets for Vive Trackers, Vive Focus Wrist Trackers, Quest Pro controllers.

  • Nova 2.0 Compatibility


The Asset Store release of the SenseGlove Unreal Plugin v1.5.3 is compatible with Unreal Engine versions 5.0, - 5.2. The source code is compatible with older versions of the plugin. Check the ReadMe for a full breakdown.

The Plugin is compatible with Unreal Editor for Windows and Linux. As of SenseCom v1.3.1, Nova Gloves are also recognized by SenseCom on Linux. Check out the guide on how to connect your device.

For more compatibility information, check out this page.