Editing blueprint default settings


This page is part of the Legacy Unreal Plugin, which is no longer actively maintained. We recommend checking out the actively maintained version here.

Developers can either use the default values of a blueprint or edit these values to customize the interaction logic.

SGController Blueprint

In SGController setting detail’s pane on the right side of the window; you can find a Sense Glove section.

  • Glove Type (Left Hand or Right Hand): Choose your preferred hand value from the drop-down

  • Default Grabbing: To deactivate un-check the checkbox

  • Default Physics: To deactivate un-check the checkbox

  • Enable Debug: To deactivate un-check the checkbox


Animation section is used to get data from the Sense Glove into Unreal. SenseGloveAnimInstance in the Anim Class drop-down is enabled by default.



Mesh section in the Mesh Container-Details section helps you to pick you the hand models.



Chosen hand models should be similar to the existing hand model.

Grab Areas and Collision Capsules

Grab Area (Thumb and Index)

Grab areas are applicable only for Thumb and Index fingers. Grab areas can be adjusted to make it easier (or more precise!) to grab objects.


To adjust the box area, enter the values in the X,Y and Z axis of Box Extent fields. To adjust the line width, enter the values in the Line Thickness field.

../_images/14_IndexGrabArea_Shape_Menu.PNG ../_images/grabarea1.png

Capsule (Thumb, Index, Middle and Ring)

Capsules are used for physics interactions. It’s applicable for Thumb, Index, Middle and Ring fingers.



To adjust the half height size, enter the value in the Capsule Half Height field. To adjust the thickness of the capsule enter the value in the Capsule Radius field.


SenseGlove Collider

SenseGlove Collider settings can be customised to adjust the impact feel when you touch an object. Choose the preferred time value in the Static Hit Duration field to provide the impact feel. Enter the preferred values in the Hit Intensity field to set the hit impact feel.