SenseCom Settings

This page describes the SenseCom’s Settings you can adjust to your preference, and how to access them.

Accessing the Settings

By clicking on the hamburger icon (the three horizontal stripes) in the top left of the SenseCom UI, you’ll open up a side panel with several options.


Click on the one named “Settings” to open the corresponding menu.


To close the Settings menu, you can:

  • Click on the Settings button again.

  • Click on the cross in the top right of the settings menu.

  • Press the Hamburger Menu to close the entire side panel.

  • Press the Escape key on your keyboard.

Automatic Calibration

When this setting is enabled, SenseCom will automatically start the calibration screen when a new Nova Glove connects. Because the Nova’s sensor values are measured relative to their starting position, this step is required each time it turns on. However, if your simulation has a built-in calibration scene, or if you’d like control over when calibration is needed, you can disable this function here.